You can use any HPLC-grade solvent (water, acetonitrile, methanol) as long as they meet the below requirements:

1. Brand - it doesn`t matter. The most common brands are: VWR, JTBaker, TCI, Supelco, Honeywell, B&J

2. Gradient vs. isocratic - it doesn`t matter. Purchase the most cost-effective option.

3. Important specification: Absorbance at 220nm should be low (max. around 0.3)

As long as the solvent is HPLC-grade and has low absorbance in the 200nm to 220nm region, then you can buy the most cost-effective solvent.

For the customers who are not supplied HPLC solvents as part of their starter kit, we recommend buying 1L bottles first with larger volumes subsequently. You can use the 1L bottles to prepare the mobile phase or extract cannabinoids. These smaller bottles are easier to work with and can easily be filled from larger bottles later.