Yes. Very much so! Many of our customers are commercial testing labs.

Your accuracy of measurement is not dependent on the HPLC instrument as much. There are some nuances, which you can review in this article:

As a testing lab, you will need to have quality control and instrumentation validation processes to test independent commercial calibration standards; in other words, you will be testing independently purchased commercial standards just as any other lab to confirm the instrument is operating correctly and you will be recording it for auditing purposes. Our software allows you to do so and we have the processes set up to do quality control, validation, and audit. In other words, you will measure, for instance, THC commercial standard with concentration of 100ug/mL and if you get measured concentration of say 101.2 ug/mL, you can conclude that the instrument is operating correctly and you are able to reliably measure THC concentrations.


So basically, you will be doing the same things as labs regardless of whether you have a license or not – all our customers (even those who are not labs) do this validation with commercial standards as our software allows for the quality control and generation of audit trail. None of our customers had issues with passing of the standards so far and the HPLCs are operating as expected.


Here is more on the reproducibility of the results with our instrument:


Below you can find our certificate from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in USA that confirms our results in comparison to ca. other 150 commercial labs in North America. If you go to pages 2-4, you will see we are where all the other labs with all our results; none of these labs used our instrument, all were expensive HPLCs from Agilent, Shimadzu, etc.


You can also review the comparison of our results to labels on purchased products on our website under Test Results or Application notes – they have always been pretty much identical to what is on the label on all products that we tested.

If you follow the testing protocols and do the quality control and validation, the accuracy is no different as our instrument operates the same way as HPLCs from all the other manufacturers. You would have to do the same quality controls and commercial standards validations on those instruments as well.